Our Vision

Our vision started with our firsthand experience as European manufacturers, of the challenges manufacturers across the EU currently face. Up until a few years ago, European manufacturing brands were vibrant global players and trendsetters that inspired a following across the globe. The last few years have unfortunately been tougher, more cost intensive and riskier for manufacturers to maintain or increase market share. Traditional manufacturing excellence still exists in Europe and is acknowledged across the globe.

We take it as an imperative to put in all our effort to preserve this European tradition by launching and scaling European brands in one of the most lucrative markets in the world. We strive to help manufacturers across the EU avoid the risk of insolvency, that has become all the more common.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the companies we select with alternatives. We offer an alternative market: the US market, and an alternative selling channel: the online market. Our team has studied and developed a procedure based on analysis of the market, identification of products, building the steps to successfully launch the new products with specific delays of time, research of a European manufacturer that can make this product, agreement, launch, and sales.

Our Goal

Our goal is to achieve great results selling through the online US market, anticipating and solving all the problems, managing all aspects of the success.